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RCL YGM508 Yoga Mat (8mm) + (1kg x 1 Pair) Vinyl Dumbbell

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The RCL’s Yoga Mat gives you the comfortable stretch every time. Made from PVC, with the right thickness, get stretching to your favourite poses in comfort and style. Cut with a non-slip textured surface, be confident that you will not slip off accidentally. Get sweaty and air it in the shades to preserve the mat.

a. Thickness: 8mm
b. Color: Purple
c. Material: PVC
d. Size: 61 X 173cm
e. Comes with Bag

Yoga makes you stronger and tones your muscles, but by adding the weights, you give additional boost to the muscle strengthening and toning powers of yoga. Yoga with weights also helps you understand which muscles to contract or relax in an action, and in so doing it teaches balance and coordination.

RCL Vinyl dumbbell is actually iron dumbbell covered with Vinyl, it is usually better suited for a home fitness room than iron or chrome types because they are less likely to scuff floors and walls. They are also non-slip, so there is less chance of accidentally dropping one, which can cause damage to the floor and injury to you.

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